Operation Snow Tiger – 2 x 60″ BBC TWO

TigerThis project was a presenter led special going on an expedition to find out about the conservation work that is being done in Russian Far East for Siberian Tigers. I worked as a self-shooting researcher on location in Siberia for 4 weeks. Working with the team of researchers at the Wildlife Conservation Society and local wildlife rangers to show their story.

WCS and Inspection Tiger had received a report that of a female Tiger had been poached and her three cubs were alone in the wild. I filmed cameraman Max Hug Williams and the rangers following tracks and signs in the snow. The cubs had split up and were weak, they needed to be captured and taken into a rehabilitation centre until they could fend for themselves.

It was great to work with the local Russian people and see their passion for saving this species.



Putin in the news with the same Tigers that we filmed.